Registration Open for Webinar on Private Sector Initiatives to Reduce Marine Plastics “Toward Plastic Circularity: Good Practices from Singapore”

Join us to explore Singapore’s innovative strategies, private sector contributions, and ERIA’s role in combating plastic waste. Don’t miss out on “Toward Plastic Circularity: Good Practices from Singapore”.

The Regional Knowledge Centre for
Marine Plastic Debris will unpack the Singapore’s strategy to promote resource
circularity, with a focus on plastics. Especially in the context of new laws
and regulations aiming to improve plastic circularity in Singapore, highlighted
in the application of Extended Producer Responsibility schemes for plastics,
the webinar will be an occasion to discuss the many ways private companies are contributing to combatting plastic waste and marine plastic debris.

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Webinar: “Toward Plastic
Circularity: Good Practices from Singapore.”

Date and Time: April 18, 2024,
10:00 AM to 12:15 PM (GMT+8)

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Platform: Zoom


What You Can Learn:

– Singapore’s strategy and
progress on marine plastic waste management.

– The role of private companies
in combating plastic waste and marine pollution.

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– ERIA’s role in promoting
innovative approaches undertaken by the private sector in the ASEAN+3 region

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